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week in review 2013-05-27 - sir_herrbatka

First off: We are in the RC phase for 0.24.0.


Scrawl just implemented security skill. At the moment he is busy with GLES2 OpenMW port.

TorbenC is cleaning different parts of the AI code. He is still working on AIwander as well.

Work on the editor goes forward, and as every week our heroic developers battled and defeated many bugs.

And that would be all for now. See you next week!

Week in review 2013-05-21 - sir_herrbatka

Tiny log from IRC.

Honkeh> !
gus2> KittyCat: :D
riothamus> eeek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
scrawl> weeeee :D
Honkeh> KittyCat: Congrats
gus2> indeed
KittyCat> thanks
riothamus> i am squeeling like a girl right now
riothamus> how nerdy is that

Some of you may start wondering what this is all about.

Well, it’s simple. Lord Zini just merged the animation layering code from chris, making this “finished”.

Do I need to remind you all how important this last huge roadblocker is? I don’t think so.

You’ve probably already seen the video presenting wandering npc’s I posted a few days ago. As you can see, we will likely have two new major features in the next version: a large chunk of AI functions that will add life to the land of Morrowind and animation layering that won’t be so spectacular – but crucial for combat and spellcasting in the future.

Also, we have a pretty impressive list of smaller features like opening doors.


Yes, that’s how you will react to OpenMW 0.24.0.

Besides. Zini pumps new columns for the editor (too many to list). Usersettings for the editor are finished thanks to Graffy.

Scrawl just added long awaited button “new game” button in the main menu. This allows to start a new game without manually starting openmw with the –new-game switch. He also added handling of npc/creature persistence flag.

And as usual developers were able to solve new bugs. Special congratulations to riothamus (the squeeling like a girl guy) who solved his first bug in OpenMW and to Glorf who apparently finished “playing with moons” and now solved something different. Did you notice that the journal can be opened at the begining of the new game in OpenMW? This is another example of the “Bethesda way”. The “EnableMagicMenu” instruction does not only enable the magic menu, but also journal.

Scrawl is obviously not a mortal man and continues to solve bugs like a boss.

Week in review 2013-05-14 - sir_herrbatka

Welcome back! Another week with even more bugfixes and new features.

Chris finally understands how animation layering works in morrowind. This likely makes him the only person on the planet with such knowledge (since I’m quite sure that Morrowind developers do not even want to remember anything about it) and brings OpenMW closer to solve this road blocker. Chris currently works on other animation related topics and makes excellent progress.

Scrawl is currently busy with rewriting the container UIs. This will help us to get a bartering feature that doesn’t suck any more ─ the majority of merchant items are in fact placed in the shop containers to make a thief’s life easier and at the moment cannot be bought.

TorbenC is a self made man: from lamer to OpenMW developer in a year. He just implemented AIEscort (which is basically the same as AiTravel, only that the NPC stops if the player doesn’t catch up), and now he works on AIwander (you know, that pointless walking around). Meanwhile gus tries to improve AItravel, with good results. It seems that Gus/TorbenC duo can deal with all AI related issues quite well.

Glorf “plays with moons”. Did you ever notice that their trajectories are wrong?! If you did, congratulations, you pay attention to details. You should consider doing more bug-hunting for OpenMW. ;-)

A new developer known as Learn_C on the irc channel fixed his first bug: the addItem / removeItem instructions were incorrectly causing message boxes to appear even when not in dialogue mode.

Works on the openCS goes steady. Graffy worked a bit on the user settings. Hopefully openCS development can accelerate so we will have something usable along with OpenMW 1.0.0, otherwise the situation will be “suboptimal”. If you know Qt and want to help with development please, join OpenMW. Eternal glory and the cake! We have some cookies too.

AI special 2013-05-14 - sir_herrbatka

Hi folks, I usualy want to avoid such posts but…

TorbenC with help of Chris were able to make it happen. It is not finished but npcs are walking!

Week in review 2013-05-07 - sir_herrbatka

A very good week for OpenMW. Programmers were able to introduce new features and (again) fix many bugs.

First off, scrawl introduced opening doors. This should help testing openmw with collision enabled (in case you didn’t know: you can enable collision with the tcl command, console can be opened with F2 key). Gus added rendering of equipped weapon and shield, unfortunately animation layering is still WIP and without this feature there is no way to correctly draw weapons or play attack animations.

Currently scrawl works in the journal branch on, well… journal! Mostly. There is a graphics related fix there as well, while Chris keeps the focus on animation layering. Gus will probably go for AI once again now.

And as I said, large count of bugfixes again. Glorf is fixing one after another while scrawl makes use of his large experience in OpenMW to quickly fix bugs – like the one that gave ten times more enchanting points than it should have to every item in the game.