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Just a heads up to let everyone know that there might be some ‘downtime’ as we transition to new infrastructure. This will happen Sunday around 17:00 GMT and hopefully no one will notice a thing. If they do, they will notice something like:

Feel free to join us on IRC or Discord.

Our longtime comrade, developer and infrastructure admin lgromanowski is stepping down due to time constraints and has asked me (psi29a) and pvdk to take over the reigns of keeping the lights on for OpenMW. Please join us in thanking him for all his hard work keeping things humming along, paying the bills for hosting and donating his time to the project. Thanks Lgro! :)

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Update: Transition happened without a hitch. Thank you again Lgro!

We’d hope that this would go without saying, but sometimes it needs to be explicitly said… do unto others as you would have them do unto you. In other words, help us help you. We have a commitment to ourselves to try to help, where we can, to be kind and patient. We ask that also in return. This is our hobby too, our labor of love, be it OpenMW, TES3MP, MWSE… we all want to get along even if we disagree with each other. If we feel that our good will is being abused, then we’ll stop providing help, warn and eventually ban individuals who can’t follow the Golden Rule. This also includes those who troll other projects, for whatever reason.

We hereby invoke Wheaton’s Law.

The OpenMW Team

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TES3MP 0.7.0 pre-released 2018-10-09 - DestinedToDie

Version 0.7.0 of TES3MP, a fork of OpenMW that provides players with multiplayer experience, has been pre-released! Full details and download here. But in short, what’s so good about this? Well, for starters, here are a few new features to pique your interest:

– Custom spells, potions and enchantments can now be created through regular gameplay, and their details are sent to other players on a need-to-know basis, preventing unnecessary packet spam.
– Spells cast through items are now synchronized.
– On strike enchantments are now partially synchronized.
– Weather is now fully synchronized, with sudden transitions when teleporting to other areas and gradual transitions when walking across regions.

If you want to experience Morrowind with friends and strangers, come join us!

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