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Here you can find WeirdSexy’s fantastic commentary videos for the latest version release and you may also find a few tests of different aspects of the OpenMW engine such as Animation Tests, Rendering Tests, Physics Tests, and more. If you wish to get alerted whenever a new video is released please subscribe to OpenMW’s YouTube Channel. Comments, Likes, and Shares are all very much appreciated!

Version Commentaries

OpenMW v0.34.0 & v0.35.0 Commentary

Demonstrations And Tests (videos from very old releases)

OpenMW Physics Early Demonstration 2 – Fast

OpenMW Physics Early Demonstration

OpenMW Multiple NPCs Animation

OpenMW v. 0.6.0 User Interface Demonstration

More Videos?

Yes! There are videos available for your viewing pleasure! These videos may be viewed by heading over to test199’s YouTube Channel or a Scrawl’s channel!

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