Week in review 2013-05-07 - sir_herrbatka

A very good week for OpenMW. Programmers were able to introduce new features and (again) fix many bugs.

First off, scrawl introduced opening doors. This should help testing openmw with collision enabled (in case you didn’t know: you can enable collision with the tcl command, console can be opened with F2 key). Gus added rendering of equipped weapon and shield, unfortunately animation layering is still WIP and without this feature there is no way to correctly draw weapons or play attack animations.

Currently scrawl works in the journal branch on, well… journal! Mostly. There is a graphics related fix there as well, while Chris keeps the focus on animation layering. Gus will probably go for AI once again now.

And as I said, large count of bugfixes again. Glorf is fixing one after another while scrawl makes use of his large experience in OpenMW to quickly fix bugs – like the one that gave ten times more enchanting points than it should have to every item in the game.

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