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OpenMW 0.22.0 Released! 2013-03-27 - raevol

The OpenMW team is incredibly proud to announce the release of version 0.22.0! Release packages for Ubuntu are now available via our Launchpad PPA and for Debian in our Debian PPA. Release packages for other platforms are available on our Download page. This release introduces the long awaited animation feature, many thanks to everyone on the team who has worked to bring this to fruition. Another major feature implemented in this release is support for loading multiple ESM and ESP files. Prepare to travel to Mournhold, Bloodmoon, and beyond into Tamriel Rebuilt and other mods. Other features include the “Dispose of Corpse” button, lights that are more faithful to classic Morrowind, and working active spell icons. The bug fix list for this release is quite extensive, see below.

PLEASE NOTE: Starting with this release, you must run the ini importer at least once! This can be done automatically through the launcher.

Known Issues:

Check out the release video by the inexorable WeirdSexy:


week in review 2013-03-27 - sir_herrbatka

Version 0.22.0 is here! (It was’t that simple, there were bugs to fix for pvdk and packages to fix for K1ll during the release candidate phase) and it’s time to think (and write) about 0.23.0.

Well, 0.23.0 has potential to be great, but it entirely depends on the programmers activity. Last month was rather intensive with the work on features and many bugfixes coming to OpenMW. Now we are ready to implement a large portion of new features, mainly skills. In fact majority of skills are targeted for 0.23.0 and scrawl is first to work on item repairing (both by PC and as NPC service) and enchanting. Zini added basic skill support in our editor. Sadly we still lack some bits of Morrowind formulas that control gameplay mechanics. If you want to help you are very welcome.

Zini wants to solve as many bugs as possible for 0.23.0. In 0.22.0 the number of solved bugs was very high and I’m afraid that we can’t count on beating this top score, especially since we have so many exciting features to implement, that can effectively consume manpower. We shall see.

At the moment OpenMW is doing just fine. The next branch is already full of new commits. We recently added a new fallback system thanks to a new developer called Glorf. He continues to work on other tasks. Shadows can be casted on water thanks to scrawl, who also solved a crash triggered by dropping items without collision shapes, along with multiple non-crash bugs and, thanks to aforementioned Glorf’s work, enabled Bloodmoon weather (snow!).

Zini currently works with graffy on our editor but he also added a new onDeath script function with related tasks and solved a few bugs.

week in review 2013-03-17 - sir_herrbatka

It’s happening, it’s growing, it’s already huge!

Well, the new version of OpenMW is in RC phase right now and when it’s out it will introduce huge changes. Countless bugfixes and new, really big this time: features. Walking animation works now and controls moving, also with AI that is currently work in progress (and not part of upcoming 0.22.0) npcs can be commanded to move with scripts. But it’s not everything: we can now load multiple data files into the engine, so if you want to visit Mournhold, Fort Frostmonth or even Firewatch it’s not a problem anymore.

And let’s not forget about smaller but still important features.

Yes, I tell you: this is going to be a huge thing. I would say that the biggest version since introduction of terrain rendering. Or perhaps even bigger…

Back on topic. AI goes really good now. The hot topic lately is crossing cells, but the most interesting news is that AItravel really works, at least in interior cells. Exteriors will be more difficult but gus will be able to solve this, eventually.

If you check github you will notice that we continue to be extremely active with the project. Don’t believe me? Check the link below for more info ;)

See? We have autorun key now, armor rating, some new bug reports and new bugfixes. Everything is still running fast, only the work on big features are finished because we are about to push the new version out soon. And soon enough Zini will demonstrate to us the new goals to achieve, like perhaps basic combat, spellcasting or other features connected to newly introduced animations.

Week in review 2013-03-12 - sir_herrbatka

Welcome once again readers,

Do you remember the last week when I wrote that Tamriel Rebuilt textures are bad? This is not the case anymore: TR just updated their data and now all textures are dds, not bmp or tga. Kudos!

Let’s get back to OpenMW.

This week was dominated by Scrawl Related Activity (SRA), on top of many contributions from other developers.

The first of graphics branch was merged into the main branch, along with (!) 75 commits of it. This means that many things are now fixed in the main branch, and graphics have improved that much more, especially lights in interiors looks impressive.

It’s hard to list every fix from this branch and this week we had an even larger number of solved bugs by other developers. I was told to not call bugfixes “boring”, even if it’s so tempting. Developers work hard to introduce it into OpenMW after all.

But still, It’s impossible to list everything. OpenMW recently advanced rapidly and it’s not possible to make a detailed post describing everything in short, Internet Reader Friendly (IRF) text anymore.

Let’s get back to SRA.

Scrawl added new features:
Allow zooming camera in vanity or preview mode with the mousewheel.
Implemented sneaking animation and pickpocket (not skill itself yet).
Race selection preview: render only the head, and focus the camera on its node.
Dispose corpse.
Added BM trees to transparency overrides
Batching bloodmoon’s trees.

Scrawl also solved loads of bugs and now he works on proper raycasting.

But it’s not everything this week. Gus has been working on AI. He is making a good progress: NPCs can go to the closest waypoint already.

Blunted2night still commits to his journal branch. Blunted2night can take as much time to complete the feature as he wants to and it looks like he aims for perfection.

Zini works with graffy76 on openCS and the project is advancing quite nicely, probably not fast enough to be ready for OpenMW 1.0.0 but still not bad. Needless to say, Zini, aside from merging dozens of pull requests, also found some time to work on the OpenMW itself to solve a few more bugs. Greye has also helped us to get rid of a few additional errors.

Pvdk presented to us launcher with ini importer integration. We like it. We guarantee you’ll like it just as well.

Problem with accessing website 2013-03-07 - Lukasz Gromanowski

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