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Release Versions

These versions are official releases that have been thoroughly tested. The latest release is OpenMW 0.48.

Windows / MacOS / Linux

Other Download Locations

Also available as a Flatpak package from Flathub. You can either click to download, or use the command line:

flatpak install --from

Development Builds

These are development builds of OpenMW with changes currently not present in the latest release.

Note: These builds contain the newest features but are also significantly less-tested than the release builds.

If you find an issue while using an Unreleased Build, please visit our issue tracker to see if it’s been reported, and report it if it has not been.

Unreleased (Daily) Builds:

OpenMW User Manual

Latest version of the OpenMW user manual.

OpenMW-CS User Manual

Latest version of the OpenMW-CS user manual.