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The week in review 2012-05-30 - jvoisin

Hello everyone!

We are pretty close from a release, so things are pretty calms this week.

scrawl, while improving the GUI, has worked mainly on options support, like refactorisation of the launcher, preliminary implementation of ingame options, refactoring of options-support backend…

edmondo has proposed to clean a little bit the cmake script, but his patches were rejected. As zini said:

We don’t have any formatting rules for cmake files and considering that even with the currently limited number of code layout and naming rules (some) people have difficulties following them, I don’t see how adding more will be of any help. But without new rules the cmake files will quickly degenerate into the inconsistent state we have now.

On top of that these kind of code cleanup usually leads to a lot of merge problems. Therefore they should be avoided unless absolutely necessary.

gus is currently working on objects rotation and scaling, to allow you to decorate your house, or do books tower!

jhooks and Chris are, as always, trying to improve animations.

Aleksandar is trying to implement the spell window.

mark76: is doing great on multiples ESM support, you’ll soon be able to walk into Mournhold!

spyboot is our new German translator (and maybe a future developer? who knows…), be nice with him!

The week in review 2012-05-20 - jvoisin

This week’s theme is either “The Inventory: barter window, inventory, item stacking and tooltips” or maybe “Thank You scrawl and gus“. Although inventory and barter windows are not 100% ready they are working and will soon be perfected. Zini has done the backend, and scrawl rely on it to implement visible functionalities: collaboration and teamwork are what makes openmw move forward!

gus fixed a bug in collision detection (since his task was stolen by scrawl ;) ) which caused invisible barriers under Vivec’s lanterns that blocked player movement.



jhooks and chris are still working on animations. They are currently experimenting with various strategies to get robes and skirts to render correctly through Ogre3d.

The week in review 2012-05-13 - jvoisin

Hello everyone! The killer-feature of the week (yup, we’ve got one!) is the drag’n’drop, thanks to gus. The code is not yet perfected, and not everything is fully functional, but scrawl is currently cleaning and improving the code with gus.

jhooks is still working on Ogre3d-powered animations. There are still issues with some creatures (ancestor ghost) but with the help of Chris everything is slowly moving forward and I believe that even this issue will eventually be solved.

scrawl worked on several things:

Thanks to the propaganda of the PR team, we attracted several future new contributors: maybe they’ll be in the next Week in review post, who knows ;)

The week in review 2012-05-06 - jvoisin

Hello everyone! No fancies news for this week, but a massive background improvement (the new physics system), and a lot of misc things.

Scrawl is a machine! He’s working on multiple fronts, and the results so far are amazing:

jhooks managed to get terrain collisions working! You can test this feature by typing tcl or togglecollisions in the console. The new physics system will be part of our next release: better, faster, easier!

gus is still working on item drag’n’dropping from the inventory.

Ho, by the way, if you know some Qt, we are looking for someone to develop the OpenMW Editor. Don’t be shy, apply!

Happy Birthday Morrowind! 2012-05-03 - jvoisin

Morrowind is 10 years old today! What are you going to do to celebrate this?

You can: