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OpenCS above all! 2014-03-28 - Lukasz Gromanowski

I’ll start a bit differently this time – with OpenCS instead of the usual OpenMW.

Thanks to SirHerrbatka and Zini’s efforts, OpenCS now features the functionality mentioned in last week’s post. For your viewing pleasure, the preview and editing views in all their glory:


Beautiful! And all of this is in the main branch!

Aside from that, we have fixes, fixes, fixes, and Scrawl. Like every other week, Scrawl dealt with some nasty bugs (this time having to do with NPCs not falling down). Slothlife, meanwhile, has included support for saving the current weather state in savegame files. I think that loading and saving the state of a character’s spells list should also appear soon.

And that’s all folks, until next time!

Bug tracker is offline 2014-03-24 - Lukasz Gromanowski

bug tracker is currently not working – I’m working on this issue. Sorry for inconvenience.

Skeletons don’t play fair 2014-03-19 - Lukasz Gromanowski

OpenMW v0.29.0 has been released – the best release since the previous one! :D Just look at the list of changes – not only is its sheer size impressive, it also includes the long awaited option to save the game. Of course, most of you already know this very well, so let’s move on to the events of the last week.

An interesting new feature in the OpenCS editor is the initial implementation of the model preview pane. As the name suggests, it is a tool for previewing objects without having to place them in the cell rendering window.

I’m not sure if this absolutely essential feature was available in the original Construction Set, but we have it!

In addition, another portion of AI patches have appeared in OpenMW’s repository and characters under the influence of levitation and water walking magic are now able to use these spells to move over areas of water. Also, creatures can handle ranged combat – beware of skeleton-archers with enchanted, paralyzing arrows! Probably every veteran player has already experienced the charm of this weapon ;)

Till next time!

OpenMW 0.29.0 Released 2014-03-13 - raevol

The OpenMW team is proud to announce the release of version 0.29.0! Grab it from our Downloads Page for all operating systems. This release includes the first implementation of the Save/Load feature, which catapults OpenMW closer to being completely playable. Please bear in mind that the save file format is not yet finalized and we cannot guarantee forward compatibility of save files until OpenMW 1.0. Some aspects of the game state, such as player controls being enabled/disabled, weather, some creature state including all magic (also used by NPCs), movement of objects between cells (except for the player), and fog of war are not currently saved. Other new features include more combat AI, blocking, area magic, and disease. OpenMW is becoming a hazardous place to be!

Check out the release video by the irrepressible WeirdSexy:

Known Issues:


Did he fire six arrows or only five? 2014-03-11 - Lukasz Gromanowski

Are there any among us who prefer ranged weapons over close quarters combat with the enemy? Are there any among us who prefer bows, crossbows, or maybe even throwing weapons? Yeah, certainly there are, and certainly they’ll be glad to hear that they can now shoot and throw at will! OpenMW now supports all nasty, harmful things relating to the “Marksman” skill category. Of course, the one behind all this is none other than Scrawl.

However, that’s not all.

Gus contributed another portion of fixes and improvements intended for the still slightly ailing artificial intelligence of NPCs. Zini improves 3D navigation in the rendering panel of OpenCS, while SirHerrbatka is working on the records editing view – which you can see on the following screenshot:


See you next week!