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Starting with version 0.13.0, each and every main release of our engine has been accompanied by a release commentary. For me and many others, the release videos have always been something to look forward to, a strangely satisfying means to highlight OpenMW’s progress throughout the ages — and a great opportunity to mess around with our beloved Fargoth!

Our channel has now reached 10,000 subscribers, a truly gigantic number for such a niche project like OpenMW. A huge thank-you to all of you for your continuous support! Rest assured, though, that we are not reaching for the stars here and that we will still concentrate on publishing release commentaries in the future instead of featuring puppies or kittens. But a little celebration seems to be appropriate, which is why I present you with an updated version of our 2013 video “A Visual History of Changes to OpenMW”! Sit back, relax, and have fun. — And thanks again for your support!

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OpenMW won GOTY award! 2020-02-10 - lysol

Hello everyone

We are very proud to announce that the website GamingOnLinux has revealed OpenMW as the winner of their Game of the Year awards in the Favourite FOSS game engine reimplementation category.

Competing against other respected and important projects like ScummVM and OpenRA, this means a lot, and we are very honoured. A BIG thank you to everyone who voted for OpenMW!

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We’re a bit late to the party now, but there’s still a few hours left to go: Bethesda gives away Morrowind for free today (March 25th), and only today. You need a account to get the code, otherwise it’s fully free!

Get it here before it’s too late!

Remember that you need a copy of Morrowind to be able to play Morrowind through the OpenMW and/or TES3MP engine, so if you don’t own Morrowind yet, this is a perfect chance to get it for, well, nothing. :)

Arx Libertatis 1.0.2 2012-06-17 - jvoisin

Our dear friends from Arx Libertatis just released their version 1.02. This fixes various crashes, disappearing items when sorting the inventory, and minor rendering and input bugs. This release also fixes a bug that left the Spanish version with no text.

See the changelog for more details. Windows and Linux packages are available : what are you waiting for ?

Tamriel Rebuilt – Sacred East 2012-06-06 - jvoisin

Omg, Sacred East was released!


For those who don’t know, Tamriel Rebuilt is the enormous fan effort to complete the province of Morrowind, piece by piece.
Their goal is to faithfully create Morrowind’s mainland to the vision set down in Bethesda Softworks official TES lore.

Here is the anouncement :

Sacred East is now available for your enjoyment! Sacred East features some of the most lush terrain seen anywhere on Morrowind to date. With dense jungles, sparkling rivers, and impressive plantations, Sacred East is an adventure into the frontier of a previously-unexplored frontier: the lands of Great House Indoril. The Indoril may be known as the pious and religious among all the Great Houses, but they are not immune to terror, and it will be up to you to unravel the mysteries plaguing Almalexia’s favored, as they call themselves. Prepare yourself for amazement, intrigue, and more than a little cross-country backpacking!

Sacred East includes an updated version of Telvannis & Antediluvian Secrets, as well as TR_Data (the data files required to play our content!). This release contains faction quests for Antediluvian Secrets, and miscellaneous quests for most settlement areas in Sacred East. Detailed lists and guides for quests may follow this release.

Here’s to the day when you’ll be able to play Tamriel Rebuilt’s completed masterpiece in OpenMW!