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The week in review 2012-12-20 - jvoisin


Sir_Herrbatka¬†is still offline, so I’m back once again.

The big news is that version 0.20.0 is out now. This is our ninth release during 2012 and that’s pretty good for a fan project! Release packages for Ubuntu are now available via our Launchpad PPA. Release packages for other platforms are available on our Download page. This release brings a near-complete implementation of the dialogue system, visual player race changes in character creation, and many other fixes and improvements.

Known Issues:
– Extreme shaking may occur during cell transitions for some users (enable anti-aliasing as a possible workaround)
– The disposition implementation is severely broken and will give wrong numbers in many cases
– Entering a cell containing a Golden Saint model will crash the game
– A journal regression causes journal updates to not display correctly


– Implemented all missing dialogue filters
– Implemented Mercantile skill
– Implemented Persuasion dialogue
– Initial implementation of AI package classes
– Implemented 2nd layer for Global map
– Implemented Animation pausing while game is paused
– Implemented Player race now changes visually during character creation
– Fixed Cell reloading when using teleport doors that link to the same cell
– Fixed “0 a.m.” to display as “12 a.m.”
– Fixed text persisting in the “name” field of the potion/spell creation window
– Fixed starting date of new games
– Fixed console window close behavior
– Fixed container window formatting to better accommodate long item names
– Fixed some topics not automatically being added to the known topic list
– Fixed auto-move working despite DisablePlayerControls being set
– Fixed rest dialogue opening again after resting
– Fixed double removal of ingredients when creating potions
– Various engine code and scripting improvements


In version 0.21.0 news Chris and Scrawl are working to improve the video player’s reliability, quality and performance. Since their work is pretty complex, I won’t try explaining it there. Feel free to check their commits in git if you’re interested in the details.

Zini is still working on the editor.

Thanks to BrotherBrick, you are now able to compile against boosts libraries statically on Linux !.

Corristo is trying to make OpenMW buildable as a universal 32/64 bit on MacOS.

And as usual, some bugs where fixed.

The week in review 2012-12-08 - jvoisin

Hello everyone,

Since Sir_Herrbatka is offline this week, I’m writing the week in review! Fortunately for me, there is not much to say about this week:

The first release candidates are out for version 0.20.0 so you should find the the download links in the forums and test it.

We’ve had some recent bufixes. These include a fix for the crash that occurred if splash screens were not found and another one that allowed you to trade things at negative prices.

There has been some progress in trading and speechcraft by Eduard.

Zini is busy working on the editor. You can see a flood of new tasks for editor features on the roadmap.

Scrawl is make nice progress on video support.¬† You’re now able to play Morrowind’s videos!

The week in review 2012-12-02 - jvoisin

Good news everyone (read this with the voice of the professor Fansworth).

Mark76 is still working and progressing on the support for multiples esm/esp files. The list of changes is quite long and I strongly recommend visiting the forum and reading the post! We can’t expect to see a lot of progress in this area very soon since Mark76 will be busy this coming week.

Scrawl added some more script instructions (PcExpell, PcExpelled, PcClearExpelled, RaiseRank, LowerRank, GetWerewolfKills, ModScale, SetDelete, GetSquareRoot…)

gus is working on shields and weapons : you can draw/undraw your weapons, and your shield is visible! Torches aren’t handled just yet and there is still much to be done, like first person perspective that is currently not handled.

Meanwhile Zini decided to move his focus from the OpenMW engine to the editor. He started a new OpenCS. Until now only Eli2 had worked on the editor while the engine benefited from a larger team. If the situation continued it would lead to the development of OpenMW’s post 1.0 features stalling. because it’s almost impossible to work with data files (esp or OpenMW files that are yet to come) without the editor.

Zini decided he wants it all and it’s time to do something about the editor situation. Hopefully, we will be able to reuse major parts of Eli2’s code.

I forgot about trombonecot who solved the problem of long names in tooltips. It looks neat!