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The week in review 2012-05-30 - ap0

Hello everyone!

We are pretty close from a release, so things are pretty calms this week.

scrawl, while improving the GUI, has worked mainly on options support, like refactorisation of the launcher, preliminary implementation of ingame options, refactoring of options-support backend…

edmondo has proposed to clean a little bit the cmake script, but his patches were rejected. As zini said:

We don’t have any formatting rules for cmake files and considering that even with the currently limited number of code layout and naming rules (some) people have difficulties following them, I don’t see how adding more will be of any help. But without new rules the cmake files will quickly degenerate into the inconsistent state we have now.

On top of that these kind of code cleanup usually leads to a lot of merge problems. Therefore they should be avoided unless absolutely necessary.

gus is currently working on objects rotation and scaling, to allow you to decorate your house, or do books tower!

jhooks and Chris are, as always, trying to improve animations.

Aleksandar is trying to implement the spell window.

mark76: is doing great on multiples ESM support, you’ll soon be able to walk into Mournhold!

spyboot is our new German translator (and maybe a future developer? who knows…), be nice with him!

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