image ©Maxim Nikolaev
Week in review 2014-01-21 - sir_herrbatka

Welcome back,

0.28.0 was an incredible hit on the internet. At the very moment view count of views on the commentary video approaches 15 000 ─ excellent for a such small period of time. This comes with no surprise ─ 0.28.0 is huge and brings us very close to the playability. However, OpenMW progresses even now with excellent rate.

As usual scrawl proved to be main work horse of OpenMW. He just implemented the SlowFall magic effect, blood splatter after hitting with weapon, knockdown,  and more!

Meanwhile, zini finished the first version of saving. Many elements are still missing and are yet to come, however we are approaching 1.0.0 rather quickly and there are other areas that require attention at the moment ─ for instance scripts.

Thanks to our very own sir_herrbatka, The OpenCS is now capable of verifying correctness of the referenceable records (those items, statics, activators you are usually dropping into the render window). You will never forget to add any icon to your item again!

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