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Weekly news strikes back! 2014-01-29 - Lukasz Gromanowski

Open a terminal, and go to the OpenMW directory. Run git pull, and now git log – we’ll see what our hard-working developers coded. Oh, no! There’s no commits this week! How is this possible? Did some cataclysm occur? Did work on OpenMW stop?

Of course not, we just haven’t managed to complete work on any new features this week, but that doesn’t mean we’re lazy.

First, and I think most importantly: for our Slavic brothers (and sisters!) who are using the Cyrillic alphabet – Greye was working on improved support for characters from outside the UTF-8 character set (mostly the ones which aren’t boring variations on the Latin alphabet). This should improve and facilitate the fun of OpenMW not only for Russians, Ukrainians, and Belorussians, but also Asian nations – perhaps, at the end, we can manage to break the Japanese away from playing Final Fantasy?

Pvdk introduced functionality for displaying the OpenMW version in the launcher, but wait – it’s not only a version number, but also a git hash. It’s hard to get more accurate than that. Even if someone complains about it – please bear in mind that for Linux users it’s quite simple to get and compile OpenMW sources, but for Windows users it’s a bit different. They’re mostly using pre-compiled binaries (Ace’s nightly builds) and they’ll probably warmly welcome such a version indicator.

How about Scrawl? Scrawl is commonly known for being the main point of each weekly update. This time he’s focused on the saving feature. As SirHerrbatka mentioned in the last weekly news, there’s still a lot of work to do on that feature, and it’s good that Scrawl is working on this. It’s hoped that OpenMW version 0.29.0 will introduce relatively complete functionality for loading and saving the state of the game.

OpenCS is also growing – it’ll be possible to clone records soon. Also, Graffy introduced significant changes to the file selection window of the game.

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