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Family Album 2014-07-14 - Nekochan

Well, as someone so eloquently said in the last comment section…

Point taken.

I guess I should post some screens from the latest version of OpenCS then.

This is what it looks like when you open the panel for a container. You can see that inside the penal another panel is nested which shows the contents of the container. You can also open two container panels side by side. Or even three, all in one window.

And this is rendering in action. Just like the containers, OpenCS is ready to render while you render.

We’ve been talking to modders and one of the major complaints they have about Morrowind’s Construction Set is that they are limited to only one rendering window. That problem is now solved in OpenCS. In addition to having as many panels open as you want, you can also open as many windows as you want which is a fantastic solution for those us who have multiple monitors. (As you can see by the stone age resolution of those screenshots, they weren’t exactly taken with the latest monitor hooked up and even then the experience isn’t that bad.)

Hopefully, these shots are enough. If not, don’t worry. You’ll be able to see the real thing for yourself soon enough.

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