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Brace for impact! 2014-07-07 - Nekochan

It is done! Ladies and gentlemen:

OpenCS’s rendering lives!

To tell you the truth, it’s not totally done yet, but what has been done is significant and pretty exciting. Our editor really starts to feel like a full-featured application now! Well, it isn’t yet, of course, but it feels awesome, thanks to Zini.

Sir_herrbatka is still wrestling with some Drag & Drop issues, and he’s working on implementing nested tables. Right now they are only implemented for containers, so you are able to add and remove items. Unfortunately, the bad news is that you won’t see this feature until 0.32.0. But the good news is the reason for that: 0.31.0 is almost upon us!

That’s right! Tons of bugs have been fixed and we’ve locked the main branch down for 0.31.0. It will be released very shortly, after some last minute bug fixing so please be patient. Soon you’ll have a taste of it. 🙂

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