week in review 2013-03-17 - sir_herrbatka

It’s happening, it’s growing, it’s already huge!

Well, the new version of OpenMW is in RC phase right now and when it’s out it will introduce huge changes. Countless bugfixes and new, really big this time: features. Walking animation works now and controls moving, also with AI that is currently work in progress (and not part of upcoming 0.22.0) npcs can be commanded to move with scripts. But it’s not everything: we can now load multiple data files into the engine, so if you want to visit Mournhold, Fort Frostmonth or even Firewatch it’s not a problem anymore.

And let’s not forget about smaller but still important features.

Yes, I tell you: this is going to be a huge thing. I would say that the biggest version since introduction of terrain rendering. Or perhaps even bigger…

Back on topic. AI goes really good now. The hot topic lately is crossing cells, but the most interesting news is that AItravel really works, at least in interior cells. Exteriors will be more difficult but gus will be able to solve this, eventually.

If you check github you will notice that we continue to be extremely active with the project. Don’t believe me? Check the link below for more info 😉


See? We have autorun key now, armor rating, some new bug reports and new bugfixes. Everything is still running fast, only the work on big features are finished because we are about to push the new version out soon. And soon enough Zini will demonstrate to us the new goals to achieve, like perhaps basic combat, spellcasting or other features connected to newly introduced animations.

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