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Week in Review 2013-08-05 - sir_herrbatka


This post clearly has to keep focus on clearly most exciting thing in OpenMW since multiple data files support. Melee combat. Chris programs hard to make it happen and, let’s admit it: He makes some really good progress with it! Actually He managed to kill NPC in OpenMW with a sword (We do not know who It was, but I suspect that Redguard girl in starting cell…). That is a truly great thing!

But It won’t be present in the incoming version of OpenMW for sure. We are already in the RC phase, and this mean that We are not adding any features to this version.

But don’t be sad. We are pushing new version of OpenMW each month, and current development rate implies that It should be ready just in time. Next thing to make is combat AI (maybe We should summon TorbenC for this task, if He only wants to work on OpenMW again) and spellcasting. Chris already pushed some commits regarding magic, but it needs to wait until other issues can be resolved. This is kinda sad since I wait for spellcasting even more than for possibility to swing my sword ─ but just look where we are! This is something that we waited for some long and now It is so close! I can almost sense it!

And what else Can I add?

Well, Zini works on the editor, adds some basic functions but this is (sorry Zini) hardly exciting when compared to the incoming combat.

We (well, potatoesmaster did) also solved problem of Lorkhan Heart instantly dying after entering heart chamber ─ HP pool is not getting updated after Endurance change in OpenMW now.

That’s it! Stay tuned for OpenMW. We are getting closer to critical mass (aka OpenMW 1.0.0) and than…

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