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Up coming Release of 0.11.0 2011-08-06 - hircine

We have an upcoming release version 0.11.0 (to be released in the next 7-14 days)

Which fixes several bugs, as well as improving performance. New features include, tab-completion in the console, Message Box GUI and a Launcher.

This is largely a maintenance release, killing bugs, improving performance and adding a few new things.

0.12.0 should be more feature packed release.

Although we have had a round at speeding things up there are still a number of things we can do to improve performance for the engine.

The Launcher although allows selecting multiple esm/esp files, OpenMW currently only supports one esm. Esp file loading is yet to be introduced.

For The following release(0.12.0); the user interface will receive a lot of attention. Including The NPC Dialogue System.

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