The Week in Retrospect 2012-04-09 - OlderTroll

Happy Easter to all our Christian friends! Happy Sunday to all our non-Christian friends!

Scrawl, our resident CG beast, is on the loose again. Just look at this screenshot.

Reflection can be turned off completely or individually for everything except sky and terrain. We can put an end to the question of whether OpenMW will be able to compete with MGE for improving graphics. OpenMW has the potential for amazing graphics improvements and doesn’t yet because we have more important tasks concerning the game engine and gameplay to do first. Maybe we’ll make some screenshots in full HD with eyecandy turned up high without the gui and cross hairs for wallpapers… but first we need to add option to turn off gui and cursor…


chris is trying to insert nif animations into ogre properly, which should give us a moderate increase in fps. He’s produced very nice results so far. I thought his expertise was just openAL, but it seems he is not new to the video game business.

Jhooks1 very recently started work on clothing rendering, not much to tell about it yet.
Kromgrat got bored with bugfixing so he started work on new feature: gui window pinning.

Zini finally got someone to work on the boring, but important, task of Record Saving. Thank you Ace!

gus is working on implementing factions. Hopefully soon we’ll be able to join factions and get quest their quests!

swick finished work on the initconfig.

lgro worked on bugfixes, because he currently lacks time to start larger tasks.

Corristo finished with his pathgrid rendering.

Mark76, the man who is singlehandedly making Crystal Scrolls (another Morrowind engine),  joined the OpenMW team last week. News about task He picked are coming (hopefully) soon.


Stardemon has also returned to the fold and is starting work on making new videos. Here’s just a quick test he did. It is titled 0.13.0, but it’s actually a snapshot of 0.14.0. Warning! Stardemon is pretty hyper in this video.  🙂


Finally, zini started working on a new gameplay feature that we’ll explain next week. Soon stay tuned :-]

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The Week in Restrospect 2012-04-01 - OlderTroll

Who says it’s not all about looks? Version 0.14.0 is shaping up to be one sexy release. People, we’re getting terrain rendering, water rendering and possibly clothed npcs… sometimes it’s all about looks. Part of me is going to miss the floating houses, boats, and ruins when terrain is added, but I’ll forget them once I’m running around Morrowind freely. 🙂


scrawl is in the process of completing water rendering. He found a solution for displaying water in interiors cells, which was problem up till now. Now he’s back to working on occlusion and the Minimap to have it face the right orientation and some other polishing.

There is beginnings of an inventory gui thanks to hircine. Soon you’ll be able to see all that stuff you’re hoarding and face the reality, “Why do I have all this useless cutlery? I have 10 buckets, and 24 brooms?!? I don’t want to drop any of them… I think… I think I have problem.” Good, step one is admitting it has become a problem.

Ah yes, zini managed to get auto-equipping working. For now it is only putting the first suitable item on the npc, but soon we’ll see the glory of jhooks1 work on rendering clothed npcs!

The terrain branch has been merged to main so if you want to test it, just build the main.


Chris’s epic sound redesign is going well. His branch was recently merged into main and he fixed the long-standing no sound bug.


ACE and Corristo are working on squashing them. Corristo fixed the 0.13.0 OSX launcher bug so path to the binary can contain spaces now and a bug affecting autodetection of Morrowind install on a mac. Please, if you’re trying out OpenMW and you find a bug, register on our bug tracker and submit it. OpenMW needs bug testers!


swick is working on a morrowind.ini converter. His first version of it is completed and waiting to be reviewed by zini.


jhooks1 has finally triumphed over the physics implementation. Work remains to be done, but it is leaps better than the previous implementation. Speaking of leaping, jhooks1 implemented jumping! Here is jhooks1 doing a well deserved victory lap after getting physics working.

Success story continues™ 2011-09-04 - sir_herrbatka


The good thing happened: mwrender refactoring passed trough bug-hunting phase! Final Now swick can do actual job and hopefully finish his task. As I said, this task is very important since all further rendering stuff requires it completed.

jHooks started to work on beasts. Tails works (well, sort off but there is a progress) and I believe strongly that jhooks will be able to make everything working right.

Pvdk is working on the launcher to get bug fixed. Although it probably will take some time to finish maybe we will be able to release 0.11.0 then!

Lgro started to improving our configuration system. There are at least few things needed to be done in this area and hopefully when 1.0.0 be released this will prevent massive user headache.

I guess that it’s all. Not much but in the right direction and soon we will see more.

It makes me wonder. 2011-08-28 - sir_herrbatka

Hey you! Are you wonder? More than wonder…

jhooks was able to make creature animations working? Although some animations looks choppy (j says that ash zombie is especially bad). Anyway, if someone among as can accomplish this task it is jhooks. I guess that he will find the solution somehow. Than there will still be hands and robes.

MWrender refactoring still can’t move forward because of bug encounter? one of theme is actually old bug that was solved, but somehow this dead body was turned into a zombie and it bites us again. jhooks went to guild mages to create “turn undead” spell strong enough to make our undead bug flee (He says that He may have a fix since this might be the animation related bug). Note that it’s not swick’s fault? He just found the bug.

Other things are good but without fireworks. Although we had minor server slow down the problem is solved, and it didn’t took much time.

It may be also worth to mention that we lgro was able finish archiving old forum so our old website lost all the value for us.

Interesting notice about the google and openmw:
as you can see is already here but is second, just after So the oldest website is actually at the top.

Also: 35 100 results. We have 0,0014625% of the “sex” google results or 0,41100703% of “morrowind”.

2011-08-21 - sir_herrbatka


If the theme on the main page is not changed yet, it should be changed soon. Personally I love new look. Reavol is the man behind this skin and after He will finish with wordpress php forum is next.

Besides blink-blink: let’s start with jhooks. He was very happy to inform us that the creature animation crashing bug (or even two) is gone! It took time to get rid of it but it’s significant improvement on stability area.

MWrender refactoring is moving slowly forward: Zini and swick are fighting in another antibug crusade and I’m not the person to ask how much time it may take, but let’s hope that no more than week or two.

Inventory is also progressing ? it’s still much to do but I’m not worry about it.

Lgro (besides administrating our webpage) took another coding task. But what the heck their are talking about? Records saving – I just can’t follow this discussion, but if You can why won’t you join openmw project as a developer?