Skyrim is here, but so what? 2011-11-13 - sir_herrbatka

Nothing really new or really exiting. Just the same old development in mwrender plus minor improvements (as He defined it) from yacoby “Use alternate storage location for modified object position”.

And I won’t write more since everybody is playing Skyrim right now and have no time to read my news. 🙁

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Oh yes 2011-10-30 - sir_herrbatka


Jhooks is moving forward with MWRender refactoring task, meanwhile fighting physics bugs. Well, the fight was successful thanks to common effort of developers. Sadly refactoring starts to be harder since the easier part is done.

GUS is still doing journal task, although “journal task” name does not gives really right feeling about what it is. Besides journal the code should be useful for books, since books are quite similar to the journal ─ both parses text and displays it in pages. Difference is mostly related to extra journal stuff, like index and disallowing to break entry on two pages.

Everything fine here 2011-10-23 - sir_herrbatka


jHooks finished his vertex morphing and wants to merge his animations into master branch, but then there is a problem: mwrender refactoring is not finished. Even more, it’s not moving forward. But then the task was reassigned to jhooks himself and mwrender refactoring is progressing again.

Jhooks is my hero. Seriously.

And GUS is working on journal, even if He did not commit any code yet that’s just because it’s still messy. Do you try to taste unfinished cake?

Yes, I know that you do. Don’t even try to lie.

Success story continues™ 2011-09-04 - sir_herrbatka


The good thing happened: mwrender refactoring passed trough bug-hunting phase! Final Now swick can do actual job and hopefully finish his task. As I said, this task is very important since all further rendering stuff requires it completed.

jHooks started to work on beasts. Tails works (well, sort off but there is a progress) and I believe strongly that jhooks will be able to make everything working right.

Pvdk is working on the launcher to get bug fixed. Although it probably will take some time to finish maybe we will be able to release 0.11.0 then!

Lgro started to improving our configuration system. There are at least few things needed to be done in this area and hopefully when 1.0.0 be released this will prevent massive user headache.

I guess that it’s all. Not much but in the right direction and soon we will see more.

2011-08-21 - sir_herrbatka


If the theme on the main page is not changed yet, it should be changed soon. Personally I love new look. Reavol is the man behind this skin and after He will finish with wordpress php forum is next.

Besides blink-blink: let’s start with jhooks. He was very happy to inform us that the creature animation crashing bug (or even two) is gone! It took time to get rid of it but it’s significant improvement on stability area.

MWrender refactoring is moving slowly forward: Zini and swick are fighting in another antibug crusade and I’m not the person to ask how much time it may take, but let’s hope that no more than week or two.

Inventory is also progressing ? it’s still much to do but I’m not worry about it.

Lgro (besides administrating our webpage) took another coding task. But what the heck their are talking about? Records saving – I just can’t follow this discussion, but if You can why won’t you join openmw project as a developer?