The Week in Review 2012-04-23 - OlderTroll

We are getting closer to the next release. Release candidates (RCs) are on the way and new features have been merged to a new branch named “Next”. Scrawl made a bugfix for the correct topic case and it’s merged into the branch now.

Scrawl is also working on a few bugfixes regarding video. He also did a huge amount work on tooltips. The Tooltips display various information, so this task is bigger than you make think at first. There are also GUI related bugfixes in this branch.

The Gus/hircine duet is moving through the inventory gui task like a bulldozer. We’ll post some brand new screenshots of the GUI soon.

jhooks1 finished clothing rendering. There are bugs related to autoequiping, but they are soon to be fixed. Autoequiping is important to NPC as all the items the character is wearing are equipped automatically when they are loaded by the time.


Jhooks got swimming working and improved the no-clip mode.

Item stacking is now possible thanks to Aleksander.


In other news, we want to congratulate the Arx Liberatis team. Here some info taken from freegamer:


Arx Libertatis 1.0 has been released. This is the first official, stable release of the GPL-licensed engine for the proprietary first-person cave RPG Arx Fatalis. Arx Fatalis and Morrowind came out the same year and both are directly influenced by Ultima Underground (Arx Fatalis was originally going to be an Ultima game). The source code for Arx Fatalis was open sourced in January of 2011. You need to own the game assets to play the game, but it can be purchased on Steam for 5 dollars.

But being able to play the proprietary game on Linux and Windows is not the end of the development. There are plans for future milestones, for example a Qt-based modern game editor, support for user created assets, and support for modern shaders.

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