Possible problems with OpenMW forum access. 2012-09-11 - Lukasz Gromanowski

I’ve just enabled some small server-side anti-spambot script today, so if you encounter any problems with OpenMW forum access (HTTP 403 error), then please let me know (via IRC, GitHub, e-mail). Sorry for inconvenience.

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The week in review 2012-08-11 - sir_herrbatka

Hi all.

We’re celebrating an anniversary on the site. It was exactly one year ago today, that we moved to our current forums. The forum migration involved moving all the archives from google cache and amazon to the new forum “archive section”, but we had no choice. Thanks go to Lgro, our website admin! You gave OpenMW something essential to its current progress. The old website and forum had been left without any administrator, were invaded by spam bots and suffering from frequent periods of down time. In fact, we still can’t close the old forum properly; it’s still out there somewhere, dark and gloomy. Like the inside of a dead snail’s shell… or the city of Moria. Readers, if you decide to go looking in the old forums… remember not to dig too deep.

Despite the departure of the creator and lead developer of OpenMW, the remaining team members decided not to give up. They started this new website, the new forums, and reorganized the project. And here we are, in what will hopefully prove the most productive year yet for OpenMW. So raise some glasses, “To new life… to our phoenix! Santé! Mazel tov! Prost! Skål! Na zdorovie! Salud! And cheers!”

Speaking of new life, here’s what’s happened since we last talked:

Edmondo, the maintainer of OpenMW for gentoo, fixed a few recent problems that were preventing OpenMW from running on Gentoo (We are once again using submodules). Gentoo users can once again install OpenMW.

There’s been progress on our editor, thanks to Eli2. Auto completion was added and filters can now be imported from files. Lgro also pushed some bugfixes and added support for different types of encoding.

_greye is halfway finished with the player control task (a rather large task composed of five sub tasks). He’s got movement and turning working, but camera nodes still need to be completed. Right now _greye is working on fixing bugs related to objects crossing cell borders.

Corristo implemented the correct Ogre main loop for OS X, so Mac’s enjoy the speed of the cursor being freed from the tyranny of FPS.

Gus is working on moving and creating objects.

Scrawl added the basic features of the main menu. It has Return, Options, and Exit buttons.

Jhooks1 got the new capsule box shapes collision method working on creatures.

Zini is working on yet another refactoring task, this time in the mw-subsystem. Refactoring code helps make it more organized, readable, and even efficient.

We are merging all the finished 0.17.0 features and fixes into the main branch of the engine and beginning preparations for our next release. Though thin in terms of new gameplay features, 0.17.0 includes major changes under the hood. For instance, the Shiny shader library makes shader development easier by allowing the same shaders to be run regardless of a user’s choice of the OpenGL or Direct3d rendering subsystems, graphics card, and OS. While, the new animations system that’s now in place improves performance.

If you have been following OpenMW, then you know what a picture like this means.


Here’s a link to the blog post the picture references that explains its meaning

We need a lot of testing this version. You can help out OpenMW by reporting bugs.


2012-01-15 - Lukasz Gromanowski

Thursday and Friday openmw.org unavailability, as I mentioned in previous post, was caused by power loss in Ecatel datacenter in Holland which is used by Rootnode.net (our hosting), but that unfortunately was not all (Friday 13th?). There was also APC power switch and some KVMs failure which caused some problems with data on shell and web servers, so RN admins restored it from backup. I don’t have access to shell (yet) so I can’t verify if all data was restored, but main page, forum, wiki and bug tracker works, so I hope everything is OK.

Among this, RN admins planned some bigger maintenance works at Monday and Wednesday (16/17.01.2012). Maintenance status will be posted on twitter. They will add and start testing new (faster, better) web cluster which will be used for web hosting for RN users in near future. Also there will be HDD upgrades (but only on shell servers so openmw.org pages will not be affected), and some network reconfiguration. So, please be prepared for some “unexpected” things, like few minutes of web page unavailability. And there is yet another thing, there will be a dedicated machine for Java in RN (it’s currently tested) – whats this mean for us? We could setup in future Jenkins Continuous Integration server which could do for us some automatic binaries building and packaging 😀

The brand new website of OpenMW 2011-08-14 - sir_herrbatka

Good day and welcome on our brand new website in brand new openmw.org domain!

Since Lordrea went MIA and our wiki was still dead we had no choice but create new site, with new administrator.

Wiki is partly restored and We hope that We will be able to rewrite some parts (that required rewrite anyway).

All credits goes to Lgro who did this excellent job on his own. Currently He is importing all posts from old forum to archive on new forum so He is still busy I guess.

The look of both openmw.org and openmw.org/forum may be altered in future but I guess that you will notice it when the time will come.

The old forum is closed? we can’t make redirection to openmw.org or ban posting on old forum, so please: just forget about it.

When it comes to coding? As usual jhooks rules the universe: the performance killing bug was fixed and fps are now ok. Actually it took less time than I thought. The hopefully last problems to fix:

quoting jhooks

NPCs are positioned higher than normal. This has to do with the npc positioning code, which is composed of one track of the bip01 transformations applied to standard ogre animation.

Gauntlets aren’t positioned correctly. Normal body part hands are though. If I change the translation and rotation offsets for gauntlets it should fix this.

… and robes

I must admit that jhooks is our official MW animations guru.

MWrender refactoring turned into debugging? Since man is not a machine and makes errors every code written by human probably have errors. The real problem is that it’s easier to look for a bug in smaller portion of code so If bug shows up after making any change in code it’s better to fix it first to save time later.

And yes: inventory GUI is progressing again. I forgot about it but this is the big thing indeed. It should reach usable state soon.

OpenMW 0.11.0 is coming but I have no idea how much time it may take to finally release this version.

I guess that this is it. See you next week.