the week in review 2012-09-17 - sir_herrbatka

Welcome once again fellow readers!

scrawl went into overdrive this week. He forked several branches to implement new features in each. Now we have: “paperdoll” next to the inventory menu which shows all the armor and clothing on your character, a preview of the face in the race menu, hiding of markers (like the north marker), loading screens with progress bars and splash pictures, disabled collision for objects with NCO flag (like spider webs) and now level up. scrawl always working on something, even if I don’t mention him here in the weekly post. However, the impact of this particular programmer is huge.

jhooks1 continues to work on physics. He is facing a quite large task and I hope he isn’t getting bored and that the physics implementation is both challenging and rewarding. He got actors physics working, with scale functionality, but rotate isn’t finished just yet. There is still much to be done.

Aurix, a new developer that joined us some time ago, implemented a spell buying window and is now looking into the wait and rest window.

Zini implemented eating, with the appropriate sound playing.

We still don’t have the training window code on github, but Dgdiniz guarantees us he is still working on it. Another issue for the training window is that we are missing the fade to black effect that happens during training. This is not a trivial issue and may take some time to implement.

OpenMW 0.18.0 will introduce a nice set of new features, with plenty of gameplay and gui functionality.

Finally, WeirdSexy made a video for those who don’t want to read a FAQ. The majority of the internet discovers OpenMW by youtube. Also a link to a video is better then a link to the even most impressive website that requires actually READING the text (it’s so XIX century, I know…). Anyway: OpenMW FAQ #1 enjoy!

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The Week in Review 2012-04-23 - OlderTroll

We are getting closer to the next release. Release candidates (RCs) are on the way and new features have been merged to a new branch named “Next”. Scrawl made a bugfix for the correct topic case and it’s merged into the branch now.

Scrawl is also working on a few bugfixes regarding video. He also did a huge amount work on tooltips. The Tooltips display various information, so this task is bigger than you make think at first. There are also GUI related bugfixes in this branch.

The Gus/hircine duet is moving through the inventory gui task like a bulldozer. We’ll post some brand new screenshots of the GUI soon.

jhooks1 finished clothing rendering. There are bugs related to autoequiping, but they are soon to be fixed. Autoequiping is important to NPC as all the items the character is wearing are equipped automatically when they are loaded by the time.


Jhooks got swimming working and improved the no-clip mode.

Item stacking is now possible thanks to Aleksander.


In other news, we want to congratulate the Arx Liberatis team. Here some info taken from freegamer:


Arx Libertatis 1.0 has been released. This is the first official, stable release of the GPL-licensed engine for the proprietary first-person cave RPG Arx Fatalis. Arx Fatalis and Morrowind came out the same year and both are directly influenced by Ultima Underground (Arx Fatalis was originally going to be an Ultima game). The source code for Arx Fatalis was open sourced in January of 2011. You need to own the game assets to play the game, but it can be purchased on Steam for 5 dollars.

But being able to play the proprietary game on Linux and Windows is not the end of the development. There are plans for future milestones, for example a Qt-based modern game editor, support for user created assets, and support for modern shaders.

The Week In Review 2012-04-15 - OlderTroll

Raevol started a thread on the forum where developers write about what they are currently working on and what they are about to start. It was a terrific idea and should happen more often. So:

“Working on getting the esm records to save properly, right now some data is lost when saving so I’m working on tracking that down and hopefully being able to make close to byte-perfect copies.
Once I’ve gotten all that worked out I think I’m going to slip back to only being the Windows package maintainer for a while, perhaps see if I can build a new dependency package for windows developers.”

“Right now I am working on clothing/armor.

For .15 I hope to work more on the physics system that I showed off on youtube recently.

I also want to bring in some of Chris’ work on animating creatures. Of course though, if he wants to, he should take the lead in bringing them into openmw. Even if we can’t get Ogre’s animation system working, the way he is applying the bone weights is more efficient and may be able to be implemented into openmw.”

Chris is still trying to insert animations into ogre3d’s animation system and it actually sort of works. The main problem is that .nif file format used for Morrowind’s character models is closed source and have no documentation on how they are designed. To get the animations working Chris needs to reverse engineer everything himself.

OTOH collision with terrain works with the new physics jhooks implemented. That’s very good news for 0.15.0.

“Working on the world model; data structures and preparations for game mechanics. Basically the non-exciting stuff. Wasn’t planning to do that for 0.14.0. originally, but people are chomping through the exciting stuff (graphics and the user visible parts of game mechanics) so fast, we were on the verge of running out of this kind of tasks that don’t have uncompleted prerequisite tasks.”

hircine worked on GUI for containers and inventory, but his C++ is a little rough. It was not a problem because gus stepped in to help. Now they have teamed up and everything looks good.

Oh, yes: gus finished with factions. It’s ready! More quests!

“I’m getting a little annoyed already by the graphics stuff, so I’ll take a break in terms of implementing some GUI elements that I’ve wanted to see for a long time. Mainly:
– Tooltips
– Door markers on the map
– Tooltip for the object that the crosshair points on”

Scrawl’s contribution is quite apparent in the 0.14.0 relase with things like the minimap, terrain (in cooperation with yacoby), pretty water and even more. Let’s clone 7 of you, scrawl!

The OpenMW team is approaching 0.14.0. We’re completing some unfinished tasks, moved other features to 0.15.0, and readying for the release party!


The Week in Retrospect 2012-04-09 - OlderTroll

Happy Easter to all our Christian friends! Happy Sunday to all our non-Christian friends!

Scrawl, our resident CG beast, is on the loose again. Just look at this screenshot.

Reflection can be turned off completely or individually for everything except sky and terrain. We can put an end to the question of whether OpenMW will be able to compete with MGE for improving graphics. OpenMW has the potential for amazing graphics improvements and doesn’t yet because we have more important tasks concerning the game engine and gameplay to do first. Maybe we’ll make some screenshots in full HD with eyecandy turned up high without the gui and cross hairs for wallpapers… but first we need to add option to turn off gui and cursor…


chris is trying to insert nif animations into ogre properly, which should give us a moderate increase in fps. He’s produced very nice results so far. I thought his expertise was just openAL, but it seems he is not new to the video game business.

Jhooks1 very recently started work on clothing rendering, not much to tell about it yet.
Kromgrat got bored with bugfixing so he started work on new feature: gui window pinning.

Zini finally got someone to work on the boring, but important, task of Record Saving. Thank you Ace!

gus is working on implementing factions. Hopefully soon we’ll be able to join factions and get quest their quests!

swick finished work on the initconfig.

lgro worked on bugfixes, because he currently lacks time to start larger tasks.

Corristo finished with his pathgrid rendering.

Mark76, the man who is singlehandedly making Crystal Scrolls (another Morrowind engine),  joined the OpenMW team last week. News about task He picked are coming (hopefully) soon.


Stardemon has also returned to the fold and is starting work on making new videos. Here’s just a quick test he did. It is titled 0.13.0, but it’s actually a snapshot of 0.14.0. Warning! Stardemon is pretty hyper in this video.  🙂


Finally, zini started working on a new gameplay feature that we’ll explain next week. Soon stay tuned :-]

Why I need title? 2011-11-27 - sir_herrbatka

Mwrender refactoring is finished. That’s great, since it was required to add any other rendering features, like animations, terrain rendering or particles. And jhooks is working on integrating animations right now!

Well, since jhooks has not much time to work on it we can’t expect so much progress as recently. And animations in 0.12.0 won’t include clothing and armor since we have no proper inventory handling yet. But that does not mean that it won’t be putted on 0.13.0 road map just to save us from jhooks wrath.

Configuration & Packaging is going on too. The most interesting thing is probably data path detection, currently openmw reads it from config file and you need to put it there manually. That sucks and from time to time We have users with “omg! openmw does not work, no data file! HEEEEEEEEEELP!”. That sucks too. 😉