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Hello again,

we hope you are all having a pleasant time with the new release! While you’re busy killing vicious cliff racers, our team is busy with further improving the engine and the editor.

There is one particular feature that recently got merged that we want to bring to your attention: object paging. What’s that, you ask? Well, object paging is a system developed by bzzt, the man behind the improved distant-land feature introduced in the latest release. This system takes several objects that are close to each other and merges them into a single object. This is done in real time during gameplay and shouldn’t be noticeable to the end user. But we can hear you thinking: why should I care about this? – Because it reduces draw calls! – Okay, and …? – Because draw calls are the main bottleneck if you want to display statics (buildings, rocks, trees, etc.) over a larger distance. – Wait! Are you saying … distant land with distant statics? – Yes, we are.

One feature that was developed in the same merge request as object paging is the “active-grid object paging”. It is basically the same feature, but applied to the player’s active cell(s). This means that the system will not only merge objects in distant cells, but also those in the cells your character is located in. This increases performance, especially in draw-heavy areas like cities and towns. Yay!

2020-05-01 20-53-49

Watch “2020-05-01 20-53-49” on Streamable.

There is an issue with this feature as of now however, which is why we decided to set the “active-grid object paging” setting to “false” by default. The issue is that OpenMW still has a hard limit of 8 lights per object, a limitation inherent in the old fixed-function pipeline of Morrowind that OpenMW faithfully supports for legacy reasons. The limitation is sometimes an issue even without object paging, but you don’t generally notice it with vanilla Morrowind’s assets. If you start to merge several objects into a single one however, the limitation really starts to show: Lights will pop up and disappear frequently which simply looks bad. Once the light limit is removed (for which there exists a sizeable work in progress), active-grid object paging will become a lot more interesting.

2020-05-09 13-37-58

Watch “2020-05-09 13-37-58” on Streamable.

The feature can now be tested in all freshly baked nightly builds in your neighbourhood. There are still things that need to be addressed in future merge requests. For example, we still don’t have a system to generate lower-detail meshes from high-detail ones to be used in the distance. This isn’t really an issue if you’re mostly using vanilla assets as they are very low in detail for modern standards anyway. For mods that use high-detail assets, however, this might be an issue. Work will continue on this. In any case, please help us out by installing the latest nightly build for your operating system and putting object paging to the acid test!

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OpenMW 0.46.0 Released! 2020-06-15 - psi29a

After over a year of development, the OpenMW team is proud to announce the release of version 0.46.0! Grab it from our Downloads Page for all supported operating systems. This release, potentially the largest ever since the move to OpenSceneGraph, finally reintroduces the long-awaited real-time shadows and also introduces a new improved navigation mesh-based AI pathfinding system based on recastnavigation library, among tons of other improvements.

Mod compatibility has been significantly improved in this release, and you can expect dozens of mods that worked poorly previously to become playable starting with this version.

Check out the release video by the splendiferous johnnyhostile and see below for the full list of changes. The corresponding OpenMW-CS release video is planned to follow soon.

One more thing: one of our major contributors, Capostrophic, has recently started a Patreon. AnyOldName3 (our resident Master of Shadows) also has a Patreon and psi29a, OpenMW’s new project lead also has a Patreon. So consider supporting them if you want to help OpenMW grow. Other contributors accept donations as well: you can find links to their Patreon pages in our FAQ. Don’t forget to support the software that helps make this all possible: OpenSceneGraph, OpenAL-Soft and SDL2 to name a few.

Known Issues:

0.45.0 Regression Fixes:

Major New Features:

Minor Feature Additions:

Editor Feature Additions:

Bug Fixes:

Editor Bug Fixes:

Other Improvements:

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A rumble in the deep 2020-06-05 - psi29a

Let’s just jump right into it! We’ve recently forked off 0.46.0 into its own branch and started our release candidate (RC) process. This will be officially our biggest release yet! If you would like to help us test, feel free to join us on the forums, IRC or Discord.

OpenMW won GOTY award! 2020-02-10 - lysol

Hello everyone

We are very proud to announce that the website GamingOnLinux has revealed OpenMW as the winner of their Game of the Year awards in the Favourite FOSS game engine reimplementation category.

Competing against other respected and important projects like ScummVM and OpenRA, this means a lot, and we are very honoured. A BIG thank you to everyone who voted for OpenMW!

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Hello and welcome back for another look at new and upcoming features in OpenMW! There’s a lot to talk about, so let’s dive in!

Perry Hugh has continued his work on better gamepad support. You may have heard about OpenMW’s keyboard navigation feature which makes it possible to navigate (at least parts of) the GUI with the keyboard. This feature is used by gamepads as well. Perry Hugh’s plan is to expand on the keyboard navigation to make it work in all the UI windows it didn’t before. He is also adding in more convenient controller-specific ways to navigate in the character generation window and resting window. Many of those of you who use gamepads may read this and ask: “but gamepad keyboard GUI when”? Well, Perry is considering adding that too and more! Read about it here.

So wish him good luck, or even contribute to his endeavour and our project by testing out his additions!

unelsson has kept on working on the OpenMW-CS. His latest big thing is the long-awaited terrain shape editing feature. With that finally merged into the OpenMW-CS, you’ll be much closer to never even having to touch the old tools intended for a certain game from 2002 to create gorgeous landscapes for your modification or your Starfield killer. See for yourself:

Custom animations enables proper right handed use of bows

akortunov has made a huge refactor of the weapon types handling. Among otherwise mostly technical improvements, it allows content creators to add unique animations and attachment bones for every weapon type in the game (crossbows, short swords, spears etc.). This means that it will be possible for modders to make previously ambidextrous characters now purely right-handed like you can see on these images. Once OpenMW reaches 1.0 and the de-hardcoding phase begins, weapon types are planned to get their own records in the updated ESM format, which will make modding the weapon types possible directly through the OpenMW-CS.

Our favourite hammer-equipped penguin also updated his old shield holstering support branch so that it could finally get merged. In other words, that heavy shield you’re constantly carrying? You’ll finally be able to rest it on your back!

If you read the interview with Capostrophic (you did, right?), you should already know that he has been working on extending the NetImmerse (NIF) file format support to work with the models from other Gamebryo games: games like Oblivion, Fallout 3/New Vegas, Skyrim but also Civilization IV for example. Capostrophic’s work on this is still in very early stages, but a few (mostly under-the-hood) additions have already made it into the master branch. Stay tuned for more really interesting things to come out of this.

bzzt and AnyOldName3 are both figuring out the last bits and pieces to make shadows more ready for a stable release. This is one of the few things holding 0.46.0 back right now. Yes, you may read this as “0.46.0 is just around the corner”. Stay tuned!

A lot more activity has been going on since the last update, but you will hear about that, and much more, in the upcoming release post!

Until then, thanks for reading.

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