Every little thing she does 2014-09-05 - Okulo

We’re in lock for version 0.32.0. That means that release candidate packages are being built for each platform and any bugs and other problems are cleaned up.

So what got in, last-minute? The most significant news is that the Light spell now works, creating light as it should. This in and of itself isn’t very exciting, but what is worth mentioning about it is that it was the last magic spell to be implemented. That’s right – all magic effects are in! This feature was the second oldest issue on the tracker (#47, right between Creature Animation and NPC Dialogue System – the newest issue is numbered #1857, just to give you an idea), marking another big leap in OpenMW’s completion.

In fact, feature-wise there isn’t all that much left. If we take our list of open features and filter out the editor jobs and everything post-1.0, we can see that this project has less than thirty features left to implement.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that 1.0 is right around the corner. There are over 200 issues to be worked through before that, after all. But those 200 issues are mostly bugs and if you’ve seen our last release video, you know that our development team has people on board that squish bugs with an impressive pace. (In fact, personally I am quite convinced that Scrawl in particular is secretly a robot.)

So when will 0.32.0 arrive? Very soon. The team is in the final stages of pushing the release out, so hang in there. Soon you’ll be wizarding like Myrddin.

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Week in review 2013-10-28 - sir_herrbatka

Yes, we do know the meaning of the slump. The question is: “Do we have plan to fight it of?”.

As you may noticed our recent progressions was nothing when compared to those crazy, overdrive days a year ago. In fact KittyCat has been stopped by annoying bug inside Bullet (can you imagine how does it feel to be stopped by the third party bug, that you are not able to fix?), gus has less time to work on the combat AI and only OpenCS rolls on ─ sort off.

But we have a plan. First of: getting LOS check feature ─ the way to determinate if any actor sees player. It is needed for stealth, crime and large number of related issues. In fact it may be seen as more important than a combat AI. That’s why gus will focus now on getting this working good and combat AI ─ must wait. This way although we will still have quite dull new version, there will be hope to get something more for next time.

To compensate lack of really visible changes inside the engine We will demonstrate OpenCS that now almost can be used to create content. Many features are still lacking, but use case is clear to see. This way we can also get more early input from potential users about the editor, and that is good thing since currently we are getting in fact almost no input (OpenCS can be just that perfect, but this may not be the case here).

Week in review 2013-10-21 - sir_herrbatka


As I promised we can go back to the old tradition of weekly reviews. Sadly this week was not exactly outstanding.

Let’s start with something tasty for fedora users: OpenMW is now in the fusion repository, making it radically easier to install and test. Kudos for everyone who somehow helped to achieve this.

Other than that: rainChu (a new developer, who joined us recently) just managed to implement exteinguishing portable light sources (that is mostly torches). Anyway: torches will become useless after a period of time, or after going underwater ─ just like in vanilla.

Zini just started to implement everything related to the dialogues handling inside OpenCS. Interesting fact: as you may know, vanilla Morrowind allowed to play sound file while in dialogue. However, not all dialogue records types allowed that. OpenMW can extend this feature to cover topic, greeting and persuasion. This would be very nice, don’t you think?

And that would be it, sadly.

Week in review 2013-04-21 - sir_herrbatka


As you may already know, we are getting ready for 0.23.0. This is going to be another big version with lots of new features and bugfixes. Unfortunately it also appears to be more difficult than usual.

I’m quite sure that 0.23.0 would be here already, if we wouldn’t have been stopped by two nasty crash bugs. The first one was hard to find but easy to fix for scrawl, the second one is more cryptic and was experienced only by Chris. Finding it proved to be a difficult task but somehow gus managed to fix it, saving the AI feature from being cut out of 0.23.0.

But we are already thinking about 0.24.0. Hopefully this time we will be able to add animation layering and weapon rendering so to-do for 0.25.0 will just contain one line:

or something like that…

Meanwhile Chris improves our nif support, especially in the area of particles that still lack many features present in Morrowind’s engine. Scrawl works in multiple parts of the engine fixing glitches in the master branch. Glorf decided to solve a few additional bugs, which is always welcome.

Editor is also progressing, just a little slower this time since Zini is busy with merging and getting ready for 0.23.0. At least we have a brand new cell table.

Week in review 2013-04-15 - sir_herrbatka

Welcome again,

This week was very good for OpenMW and we got plenty of new features.

First off: scrawl added leveled items handling to OpenMW, so crates around Balmora are now a lot more interesting.

Terrain possibly can be more interesting as well, since scrawl also worked on getting option to have more texture layers than in vanilla morrowind. At the moment OpenMW supports infinite number of texture layers and this potentially allows us to get a lot more detailed landscapes! Making use of this feature may require a new data file format ─ no big deal since we need a new data files format for other things as well.

We also integrated basic pathfinding and the implementation of AiTravel.

Lgro returned to the old plan of setting up a continuous integration platform with a full success. From now on we use the Travis CI platform for autobuilding OpenMW. This gives us two main advantages. First off, we will see if committed code compiles without errors. Does not sound like a big thing, but this can reduce the amount of compilation needed on our part and…

Xkcd will make us even more cool.

We can now also add some unit tests to it. Unit testing is not that useful for video games, but there are areas when it can help and besides: We also work on the editor…

In fact, OpenCS progressed really good this week. Script, region and sound tables have been added, along with the script editor. Zini worked really hard to make it happen.

And as usual, the OpenMW team fixed many bugs. Big hug for Glorf, scrawl, gus, wheybags, pvdk and others for that!