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Patching up 2015-03-10 - Okulo

It’s been about a month since the release of 0.35.0 and we’ve gotten some news about crashes here and there. They have been fixed already, but situations like this beg for a patch. So that’s what the team is putting out. 0.35.1 won’t just contain crash fixes, though – we’ve still got a whole bunch of bugs fixed. Those will be included, of course.

What will also be included is a single feature: Controllers. Last year there was some work done on joystick support. It worked mostly, but not in a good enough state to warrant including it in OpenMW. Digmaster and scrawl have sufficiently advanced controller support now to make it into the next build. If you have a gamepad, why not give it a try? If your controller doesn’t work properly, the team would like to hear about it.

After 0.35.1 the team will continue working a per usual on 0.36.0, so stick around.

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