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Are we there yet? 2014-05-26 - Nekochan

Releasing 0.30.0 is taking more time than it should, but I think you should all know what kind of problems we ran into. For one, we needed to add a hotfix for OpenCS, but that’s just a small pixel in the bigger picture – OpenMW 0.30.0 is coming!

But let’s focus on some of our heroes, such as Scrawl. His heroic fights with OpenMW bugs is truly worthy of song. There are still so many of them, but Scrawl is fierce and unrelenting and squishes dozens of them, even now.

Greye also helped out with killing some of those bugs, but he was focusing more on our Windows release. Most of these bugs were related to file path encoding. It seems we just can’t get enough testing on the Windows version done. To tell you the truth, Windows gives us some problems since most of our developers work with Linux, so the code they write might not work as well as it should on other operating systems. Fortunately, this problem with the Windows version was easy to spot, so, as you might expect, another hotfix was soon pushed to solve this issue. In fact, it wasn’t fixing the problem that was the difficult part, as it was finding the person to write the fix in the first place… until a hero came to our rescue. Thank you, Cc9cii.

Seriously, we need more testers who will reports bugs. If you always wanted to help us, but you didn’t know how – there’s your answer. So everyone who wants to help, please raise your hands! *raise hands*

Sorry, I think I missed that! Anyway – she’s back. Our lovely AI. Guards can now fight with mobs, so if you are chased by a cliffracer, you can now find refuge in the city. Come and think of it, it’s kind of funny how guards will come to your rescue against a cliffracer, but aren’t interested in fighting people who break the law in broad daylight, such the assassins of dark brotherhood…

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