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Little riddle. 2014-02-19 - Lukasz Gromanowski

First of all, a little riddle: what percentage of Morrowind scripts are compiled by OpenMW?

Zini, once he finished wrangling with Bethesda scripting monsters, solved an extremely annoying bug in OpenCS ─ and now the Referenceables table is working properly when more than one file is loaded (and this is always the case when we create a new modification based on a master file, such as Morrowind.esm).

Another interesting new feature in OpenCS is the drag’n’drop implemented by SirHerrbatka: you can use it to change many aspects of the game, e.g. race of non player characters, in a fast and easy way. Simply drag a race record to the appropriate field ─ and you’re done!

As a result of the combined efforts of Gus, Potatoemaster, and MrCheko, we were able to fix a large number of bugs.

Let’s get back to our little riddle – did you answer 80%? *Bzeeert!* Wrong! 90%? Wrong again! The correct answer is… 97.2682% (Hooray)! In other words, almost all of them. This is the best illustration of Zini’s recent efforts (a short time ago results were around 80%).

See you next week!

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