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Where’s the news?! 2014-05-13 - Nekochan

As you’ve heard last week, OpenMW won the honour being the Linux Games Award’s Project of the Month. Considering that we got many more votes than the competition, one can safely assume that those other games are not widely known. That is a bit of a pity, because these Awards are an interesting way to give some games that otherwise don’t get enough promotion their due recognition.

Browsing through the games, I encountered a game called Tales of Maj’Eyal. It sucks you in like quicksand so that explains the delay. Well, that and the English translator for this newspost taking her sweet time as well. [[I just spent some nice time in Belgium, thank you. – Ed.]]

But let’s get back to the topic at hand. I was a bit under the weather, but once I got better I’ve started working on OpenCS. Now you can drag game cells onto the rendering widget, including exterior cells. Region records can now also be dragged onto the map to change the cell region.

Meanwhile, Zini has been working hard on loading documents in OpenCS. We’ll have more details soon.

Work in OpenMW itself is progressing nicely as well. Scrawl has introduced some important fixes to the game’s AI. For example, otherwise friendly NPCs will now also become aggressive when you attack them and miss. And that’s just one among many fixes.

We also cleaned our cache of unnecessary links to long-forgotten libraries that we no longer use. (Audiare? I don’t even when we dumped it).

Crime and punishment in OpenMW is become more and more like Morrowind. Monsters can’t function as witnesses to your crimes anymore, for example. In the future we might introduce flags for some creatures that decide whether or not they can function as witnesses, like the daedra guards in the mage’s mansion.

And finally, for this week’s dessert, we’re rapidly approaching OpenMW 0.30.0, and it includes a huge number of bug fixes. You’re gonna like it!




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