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Week in review 2013-12-31 - sir_herrbatka

Greetings fellow OpenMW’ers!

We had another good week, with decent progress.

For instance, don’t you think that we could use some facial animations? Well, actually this is possible now, thanks to scrawl. This video shows the current state 😉

Also, npcs became a lot more… lethal since Lgro’s patch enabled the autocalculated stats. Guys on IRC are already crying like little girls because opponents just started owning them like bosses.

Chris returned to work on physics, and I’m so excited to see much more news and progress! Zini still works on saved games, and It seems that he is a little annoyed with the amount of fixing, correcting and gluing together he has to do in order to finish this feature. Lots of stuff was problematic.

Mr. Corristo pushed few bugfixes specific to the OSX. It seems that we had plenty of bugs there, but this comes to no surprise ─ bug testing on OSX is still suboptimal.

Scrawl, as usual, also pushed quite an impressive number of bugfixes for OpenMW, related to different parts of the engine. I’m too lazy to list it all, you have to trust me ─ also as usual.

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