Week in review 2013-10-28 - sir_herrbatka

Yes, we do know the meaning of the slump. The question is: “Do we have plan to fight it of?”.

As you may noticed our recent progressions was nothing when compared to those crazy, overdrive days a year ago. In fact KittyCat has been stopped by annoying bug inside Bullet (can you imagine how does it feel to be stopped by the third party bug, that you are not able to fix?), gus has less time to work on the combat AI and only OpenCS rolls on ─ sort off.

But we have a plan. First of: getting LOS check feature ─ the way to determinate if any actor sees player. It is needed for stealth, crime and large number of related issues. In fact it may be seen as more important than a combat AI. That’s why gus will focus now on getting this working good and combat AI ─ must wait. This way although we will still have quite dull new version, there will be hope to get something more for next time.

To compensate lack of really visible changes inside the engine We will demonstrate OpenCS that now almost can be used to create content. Many features are still lacking, but use case is clear to see. This way we can also get more early input from potential users about the editor, and that is good thing since currently we are getting in fact almost no input (OpenCS can be just that perfect, but this may not be the case here).

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