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Week in review 2013-09-28 - sir_herrbatka

OpenCS, unlike the original Construction Set, has the advantage of being built on top of extended use case study. This was the way that led us to creating a concept of GUI concentrated around filters, granting easy access to any specific group of records stored in data files.

Any. Really. No kidding.

For instance we are able to display only one type of records, like weapons as well as only added records. But that’s trivial. Real fun begins when you are able to display two types of records, for example NPC and Weapons thanks to “or” logical operation.

Using “and” allows you, for example to display only added weapons, or only weapons dealing more than 20 damage points with chop.

At the moment it works, but we clearly need to add a default set of filters, automatically created during the creation of a new mod (hopefully this will be ready soon), auto-completion for optimal speed when selecting or creating a filter and other convenient tools.

Other than that:
We are slugs again. This time not because of low height. OpenMW development rate is far from being rapid. Although Chris still does his physics rework, gus works on combat AI (so Fargoth will be able to defend himself from WeirdSexy) and we have a new developer, it is difficult to say that I’m happy.

On the other hand OpenCS development goes mostly fine. Zini recently finished implementing Saving feature, and a large warning in the startup screen about OpenCS being Alpha stage, not ready for “production enviroment™”. Graffy did a little bit more work on content file selector.

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