image ©Maxim Nikolaev
Week in review 2013-09-09 - sir_herrbatka

Hello once, again!

OpenMW is progressing as usual, and Zini’s hardware is operational again! This leads us to…

OpenMW 0.26.0!

This is going to be a pretty good version, with combat, werewolfs and other goodies. WeirdSexy already made a video presentation and it’s epic.

Zini already posted the roadmap for version 0.27.0 and it looks quite promising if you ask me!

Other interesting things:

  • Zini finished with OpenCS fiter feature for now. Certainly a good thing. We also have a startup window for OpenCS, containing some buttons.
  • Chris is doing things with physics code that only he can understand. It looks like a major reimplementation though.
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