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Week in review 2013-08-27 - sir_herrbatka

Welcome once again!

Another week, and more progress to show for.

Zini is progressing with filter implementation for the editor. It’s a crucial feature that will be used a lot in the future – in fact a major part of OpenCS`s usability is concentrated around filters!

Graffy works on OpenCS as well, and Nomadic1 just sent us more icons for use in OpenCS. Well, isn’t that great?

Other than that:

Scrawl is still busy with terrain rendering related tasks. At the moment it’s more about improving, than doing fundamental redesign.

Chris is finished with bullet for now. He has even introduced jumping animations.

With the changes in the hit detection on creatures, it should now be possible to hit creatures just like NPC`s (sorry PETA).

And last but not least: from now on, OpenMW is able to install Morrowind from the CD with our very own installer! You no longer need to install morrowind or manually extract cab archives to get the required data files on your hard drive. I suspect it should please Linux and OSX users. Currently it’s not available for Windows users, in case we get an angry crowd of windows users chanting “We want installer!”, we may reconsider adding this for windows as well. All credits goes to Tom Mason!

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