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Week In Review 2013-08-05 - sir_herrbatka

Hello all, my dear readers.

As you all know OpenMW 0.25.0 has been gifted to the world:, WeirdSexy did the video, got more visitors and we all are proud of new features. However work on OpenMW 0.26.0 is already in progress.

As you all know killer (yes, KILLER!) feature of OpenMW should be melee combat. At the moment developers are working to complete this feature. Currently many things work, but not certainly the same way as in Morrowind. For instance the player is able to hit himself with a weapon. This is clearly not like in vanilla, but at least you can roleplay as lone Samuraj who have lost his honor… Or just try the swish sounds. I strongly recommend to listen to the Strauss compositions just to add emphasis on the moment that happens just before your eyes (and keyboard).

Other than that work on other features also goes on. Sneaking indicator popped up in the GUI, and we are getting quite some bugfixes merged into master…

Zini and Graffy are as usual working on the editor. There is some good progress there, but not nearly enough for my taste. Still, I always want more so this is probably not the perfect indicator of the progress rate at all.

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