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Week in review 2013-07-17 - sir_herrbatka

Welcome back readers! I missed you, and I do hope that you missed me at least a little. Greye did a great job and I want to thank him: Greye, you are AWESOME.

Sadly the number of commits are getting quite low lately and this certainly is not a good thing. On the other hand this is expected and somehow normal this time of the year. Still, We have a crucial feature coming: melee combat.

Morrowind’s combat system is simple, in fact you simply bash your enemy like a caveman in the prehistoric times. Yet this is a challenging task, as are all tasks related to animations. But combined forces of openmw developers (gus, chris and scawl) are certainly enough to deal with it.
Right now we are proud to announce that chop, slash and thrust animations works correctly already.

Other than that we have a new and neat feature: you can close container windows by using the activation key (space by default), done by vorenon.

As usual we had some bugfixes, like fixing large journal backgrounds. In addition to this, we also had some really cool progress on the editor as well. We are making use of the record type and state icons in various columns now (still slightly buggy). Also we have a region map now.

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