image ©Maxim Nikolaev
Week in review 2013-07-10 - greye


“So … (almost) everybody on summer vacation already?” Zini asked.
Already, hahaha. Its already July.” was the answer.

As you may know, developers are soooo lazy people and use any opportunity not to work. But few of them still wander here, let’s praise them.

First, some bug fixes (surprise!): swick improved scrolling in gui, scrawl fixed nasty X11-related crash.

Next, coc (CenterOnCell) command is pretend to be sane now: character appears near doors or on walkable surface. That also means we can start engine with collisions enabled.

Zini still working on editor, and added functionality to work with references.

And the most recent news are Chris got first-person animations working! Seems like after that he decided to hunt a bit. Well, actually we know little about his background…

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