week in review 2013-06-27 - sir_herrbatka

Hello all, again.

I’m happy to say that we finally have some progress on the melee combat. At least we can play the chop animation when pressing the mouse button. This is the very first try, this feature is quite complicated and there is a risk that everything we have done is simply wrong… but hey! This is progress after all!

Let’s hope gus will be able to deal with the rest of the feature as well.

Other than that: Miroslav Puda is working on the sky mechanics once again. It appears that even after recent changes made by Glorf it wasn’t perfect. Anyway: now we have proper moon trajectory with correct offset and more things that are apparently present in the Morrowind engine. Yes dear readers, Morrowind is quite detailed in some aspects. Miroslav also worked on the weather mechanics ─ it’s related to the sky mechanics.

Zini is working right now on allowing scripts with “-” in the name to work correctly. There are even Morrowind scripts with such name, even if Zini states that this is a deadly sin of Absolute Evil™. So this issue is quite important for us all.

Graffy continues to work on the editor. Currently it does not work at all because of tiny mistake… Ooops!

Pvdk bothered Georg Duffner until he made the open source (Stallman Friendly) Deadric font that can be added to the Debian main repository. It is called Ayembedt and looks just like Bethesda’s font but if for some reason you don’t want to use it is not a big deal: We also support the pixel fonts used by vanilla Morrowind as well as the Bethesda TrueType font found on the CS CD.

And as every week: a few new bugfixes!

Frontiers. This game looks promising and the author is one of our forum-members nicknamed Railboy. If you have few spare $ this can be a good way to spend it!

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