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Week in review 2013-06-10 - sir_herrbatka

Not a particularly interesting week, but we still do have two interesting achievements to mention.

First off: TorbenC finished his great overhaul of AI. He seems to be pretty excited about it. Good work!

Secondly: Scrawl finished implementing bitmap fonts handling in openmw. This means that we can now use those blurry fonts shipped with morrowind just fine (including all sorts of special characters specific to morrowind locale (like ë, ö, å, ß, ø, ó, ę, è), it was possible before for vector fonts, but making it work with bitmap fonts was extra work). Excellent.

Meanwhile Chris attempts to solve windows problems. He promised to write story of this in the book titled…

In The Land of Infidels:
The story of OpenMW development on windows

… but at the moment he is just tired.

As always our brave developers solved some bugs, for instance weapons should now appear in the enchanting window .

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