week in review 2013-05-02 - sir_herrbatka

Well, what can I say? 0.23.0 is tagged and ready to be pushed toward the public. Just a few last bits of work are left. Not anymore. 0.23.0 is here already!

At the moment work on features goes slowly. Chris implements animation layering that we will need to get weapon rendering pose and combat animations. Progress is solid but there is still much to be done. Meanwhile he also added first person animations, you should see this while playing as Khajit because the idle animation no longer waves your camera.

Scrawl implemented visual effects for two new spell effects: blind and night eye. They work just like in Morrowind so nothing spectacular I’m afraid. I also want to point out that this does not mean that blind is implemented, in fact it only tunes down the brightness but has no effect on game mechanics… because we do not have combat, just yet. Night eye on the other hand has no impact on game mechanics by design.

Blunted2night works on journal… Glorf added new script instructions…

And that would be everything about new features. But if you think that this week was poor, just think again, but this time consider bugfixes.

Yes, this week developers fixed HUGE number of bugs. HUGE I tell you. I do not keep track on the number of bugfixes per week but it is quite possible that this week was one in the strict top.

Thank you programmers! You have done amazing things.

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