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Week in review 2013-04-07 - sir_herrbatka

Welcome fellow readers.

Chris apparently grew bored of Skyrim and as a result we have interesting commits from him again.

First off, isWerewolf script instructions have been implemented, secondly particles. Yes! Candle flames, finally. At the moment it’s hardly finished, and the majority of features remains to be implemented, but at least it looks good on videos:

Although in many technical aspects particles still remain cryptic, Chris is getting good progress on this.

Secondly the enchanting skill is finished and will be present in 0.23.0. New version of OpenMW clearly starts to look cool.

Work on OpenCS is going fine. Zini even implemented factions table. Nomadic1 draws beautiful icons for records that will be used in OpenCS and graffy works on user settings.

Gus has a little problem with recent changes in OpenMW that broke AI. But this won’t stop him for long!

Meanwhile scrawl added support for bump maps and glow maps. Also loose files now have higher priority than files in BSA archives. This means that texture replacers finally work!

As usual various bugs have been solved and new cleanup tasks appeared on the horizon, this time in mwgui. Let’s hope it will go well!

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