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Week in review 2013-04-02 - sir_herrbatka

Happy Easter everyone.

This week was far from being epic, but although this is the Internet I wouldn’t call it crap.

First off, enchanting skill is progressing thanks to Glorf. Scrawl worked a little on lights to fit vanilla Morrowind even better (again).

Scrawl is busy right now with his library called shiny that solves quite a few annoying problems with shader development. Soon it will reach 1.0 and will have features that scrawl calls ingame material editor and live shader coding. This allows to get instant preview of shader and material changes in game, without having to restart it. It surely can save some time while programming.

Sadly work on AI has stalled since gus’ laptop just died. He bought another one, but it will take him some time to set up his development environment again. I also want to inform you that clonezilla recently published a new version of this amazing backup tool…

Zini and graffy are working on the editor, as every week.

Vorenon, scrawl, zini and others fixed a large amount of bugs, and this is clearly a good thing. The issue tracker is full of bugs that await to be fixed, and everyday we get new ones. I prefer to write about new features, but after publishing OpenMW 1.0.0 we will be forced to face hatred for every bug that is still present in the game…

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