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Week in review 2013-02-26 - sir_herrbatka

Boring, boring, boring and exciting in the wrong way week.

Bugfixes, I always think that this is boring, but let’s be honest: Morrowind team clearly thought the same and the final effect was terrible.

  • toggle collision (tcl) ─ now works as expected
  • character preview ─ fixed
  • light position ─ fixed
  • letter case handling problems ─ fixed
  • time factor ─ fixed
  • water fog ─ fixed
  • book layout ─ improved
  • loading translation data for all plugins ─ not just for the first one
  • and so on…
  • It’s not like there isn’t anything happening with OpenMW. Actually there is a boring bug slaughter, in epic scale.

    Scrawl says that he is working on something cool, but he does not want to say what it is and I start to think that he is just trolling me (ah yes, if ElderTroll reads this I want to say that I miss you!).

    Gus returned to the work on weapon rendering but it won’t work properly until animation layers will be implemented.

    Zini and graffy are still working on the editor. Just like blunted2night on… yes! Journal! How did you know?

    And Chris discovered that movement solver still lacks important features so in fact player is not able to slide down the slope. That is quite some problem, We may need to use a Kinematic Controller from Bullet, but this one requires some big changes in order to use. Chris also needs to learn how to use bullet properly. If there is any Bullet wizard out there, and you want to lend a hand, please do! We need you!

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