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Week in review. 2013-02-17 - sir_herrbatka

Welcome once again, since bugfest last week was hit I decided to begin with a little continuation

This bug is well known for intel graphic chipsets, in this particular example it was taken on the netbook. One of the most funny bugs I have seen in the OpenMW I would say, but I have something a little more colorful.

As scrawl said: “go home depth buffer, you are drunk.”

Sadly we are going to fix this, eventually…

But enough of this, let’s get back to the development!

Zini commanded the packagers to build the release packages for OpenMW 0.21.0, and this will be done soon for sure, along with the upload, the post on the blog with the (not that impressive again) changelog and obligatory video on youtube that you are waiting for. Oh yes, I know you are 😉

In other news; more important things to see are happening with Chris’ branch. He’s progressing faster than I personally thought he would, even though my opinion was already high. At the moment the list of remaining tasks that still needs to be done is short: non-accumulative movement (movement that is not controlled by animation, that includes jumping and falling down) and correct speed handling (note this is mostly finished). Chris also revealed a bug that will need to be fixed, but following OpenMW for so long showed me that every great feature demonstrates a few small bugs that was hidden before ─ these things are to be expected.

Needless to say, excellent. Zini even placed basic melee combat (in case of morrowind swinging sword untill the target is not cold-dead) on the roadmap for 0.22.0 and although this will require weapon rendering to be working efficiently before even attempting to start implementing (unless we want to make something really silly) I have good feelings about this. Combat and multiple data files would make 0.22.0 an impressive version even without other features planned. I suspect that team will do even more than this… I can’t wait!

Dougmencken also can’t wait. He even created a branch called bigmix by merging different development branches not yet in the master just to see what it will look like. It’s something for those who like to try things that are half-baked; this branch is surely buggy as hell, but It’s worth to mention that it exists ─ even if it’s for pure fun. Videos!

The square sun is still here for dougmencken.

Running around.

blunted2night meanwhile continues to work on his journal GUI. Again. Just like pvdk on the launcher. Or scrawl on graphics.

Graffy76 is busy with the openCS right now. Unfortunately nothing spectacular here right now, but this will change ─ I hope.

And as usual a lot of boring bug fixing. That’s it for this week!

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