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Week in review 2013-12-31 - sir_herrbatka


We now have Issue 1000:

Morrowind is a great game to play and a beautiful world to experience. And through the years, modders have expanded it to every imaginable direction. The last piece of the game that remained static, since it’s pretty hard to alter, is the game engine. It is a piece of software built on decade old technology, that runs on only one OS, has a long list of known bugs and has held back the capabilities of modders since the game’s release.

It’s our vision, that Morrowind could be so much more with a new, living engine that would reinvigorate and immortalize the game and give creators all the tools they need to materialize their visions.

For this reason, we set the goal of building an alternative engine that is so good that most Morrowind players in the future will prefer it as the default vessel to experience the Morrowind world.

As you can see, this is largely non trivial bug ─ but it will be resolved, eventually.

Other than that:

Zini just finished preparation on save load feature. Although it took more time than anybody could possibly imagine, it’s now working. What else can I say? This is something that we were waiting for a very long time.

This week was outstanding, when it comes to the bugfixing. Our development team was able to fix a lot of those, especially scrawl… And we still have so many to fix.

Ah, about that bullet bug; it is resolved now, but it seems that our problem is related to something else. At the moment we haven’t progressed with it, yet. But hopefully KittyCat will return to save us.

To all who helped us by starring the said bullet bug: thank you! It was amazing to see it reaching over two hundreds stars in no time!

Lgro recently helped a little with our manual. Although it is still very incomplete, has some amazingly bad grammar, it can already be useful in some aspects. It seems that getting something helpful for all new users along with 1.0 is possible.

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