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The week in review 2012-11-25 - sir_herrbatka

You can now begin and complete the first quests of the main quest line. Once you reach Vivec you’ll hit an impasse as those missions require AI functions that are still unimplemented. The increased playability is the result of zini’s work on dialog filters and scrawl’s resolving a bug that prevented the dialog filters from working correctly. It’s great news! I suspect things will really start moving forward once we get AI implemented.

Speaking of AI, rpopovici is just hacking together the script instructions for the dummy AI classes.

Scrawl is in the process of implementing many scripting functions.

Gus has got the major, and hardest parts, of weapon rendering completed. There’s still a fair share of work left to be done and the problem may prove more difficult than gus currently anticipates. Let’s hope things go smoothly.

A surprisingly difficult bug to resolve involves proper text rendering in books and scrolls in all local versions (ie different languages). This is a perfect example of something that appears trivial at first glance, but proves otherwise. But we believe Igro can eventually squash this problem.

Finally, pvdk returned to work on the launcher. We got the first run dialog!


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