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the week in review 2012-11-07 - sir_herrbatka

Hi all,

Nothing super new this week: everybody is continuing to work on the things mentioned last week, with two small exceptions. emoose, a new developer, is working on an issue related to interior doors and scrawl has implemented one of the most beloved features in videogamedom: the looting of corpses. We (ok, fine: mostly zini) also solved bugs of various importance.

There is one exciting bit of news to talk about; we’re readying the next version. As you read this (well… if you’re reading it within several days of its publication) we are focused on leading an assault using devastating RC fire, after that our squad of developers will capture and secure sector 0.19.

First We take Manhattan, then We take Berlin…

The actual awesomeness to the potential awesomeness ratio for version 0.19 is not huge, so it’s not the most amazing release, but the point behind every release is to get and encourage TESTING. You know, that silly thing that tells developers that the software actually works.

Stay tuned. Stay sharp. Stay ready!

And get ready to test!

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