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the week in review 2012-09-24 - sir_herrbatka

Welcome again.

There is little news this week, but there is a good reason for it; we are getting close to the  release of 0.18.0. There are already RCs available on our forums. The team worked really hard and effective to close tasks on the road map. But there were severe problems with bugs on OSX.

There’s been bad luck recently with the OSX build, but only corristo on our development team uses Mac, so it’s a classical example of under-testing. This issue did get sorted out thanks to corristo and scrawl.

In other news: Scrawl implemented two more features: gamma correction and the rest/sleep window. Gamma correction adjusts the screen brightness (it’s the age old dilemma of video games: do you want to see your enemy slightly washed out or not?). Scrawl took over the Rest/Sleep window, because Aurix was quite busy lately. Thanks to the help of Hrnchamd we are quite sure that the speed of mana and health regeneration is correct. scrawl is now working on the global map, it’s only half finished but works very well!

jhooks1 made excellent progress on his task. Pmove has been reintroduced and controls are already working with all important features.

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