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News again. 2012-01-29 - sir_herrbatka


So water rendering is going fine. Cell switching works with exteriors and It seems that, well We have a water rendering almost finished. Jhooks wanted to give some credit to Azathoth for helping him. Thank you very much Azathoth!

And since jhooks is free It’s time to fight with animation issues again. Performance is still not satisfying when animating bunch of npcs.

GUS is on Dialogue GUI/System task. Although GUI was already quite advance there is still much to be done to make it functional.

Yacoby is still developing terrain. Still a lot to do, for example tga/bmp textures (bmp textures are lame but are supported by MW and used in old mods like Wizards Island).

And Configuration/Path handling is progressing too, thanks to lgro. Zini wants to throw new version soon as already It took plenty of time to finish.

But that’s not real problem, It didn’t stopped work on OpenMW even for a moment.

And that’s just perfect.

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