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Not bad. 2012-02-05 - sir_herrbatka

Hello everyone!

OpenMW have now brand new Good idea since until now videos was scattered around few youtube channels. That’s thanks to new guy called ElderTroll who joined our team to participate in PR efforts. Although We was a little confused at first (mostly because nick suggested some kind of treachery) He seems to be so enthusiastic. contains now old changelogs. Also ElderTroll job.

Also another new user: Mircceam94 joined us recently and started to mess up with the code, becoming new developer.

Since chatspike had some problems #openmw was moved to freenode. And it seems that channel is now more active by far. Yesterday I spent too much time on this channel for sure. :-)

lgro reports that rootnode was attacked by hacker nicknamed Brudny_Koń (translates into Dirty Horse). Everything was already spoken on forum.

I guess that there is no reason to fear since we have backups anyway.

When it comes to development:

GUS is doing dialogue task. It’s not that simple, mostly because lack of documentation. Actually GUS could use some support of experienced modder to answer his questions.

Yacoby have some problems with terrain. Ogre3d terrain lib seems to be not so perfect as initially looked like and some bugs are difficult to fix. Ogre3d forum support helps a lot. :-)

Jhooks is looking into our and project aedra physics code. As all of us know current physic implementation is pretty bad…

… and project aedra has a better one for sure. Although our project is very different from aedra we both use libbullet so examining aedra could give us a lot.

The bad news is that numerous bugs showed up recently and a lot of bugfixing is needed to solve it. Zini is a little angry because of this situation but no one can blame him, really.

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